Executive Conferencing Conference Calling Solutions


Depending on usage rates, conference calls can be either a significant expense or an occasional line-item on the communications budget. Either way, these costs need to be expended in an efficient manner, especially in a challenging economic climate.

Fortunately, there are options available that can be tailored to provide needed flexibility while containing costs. A critical beginning in the evaluation process is finding a reputable conference call provider with a range of suitable options, free from unnecessary contract or binding long-term commitments.

Executive Conferencing plan types:

Pay-As-You-Go Conference Calling Plan: This plan is offered by conference call providers to small and medium-sized conference hosts who make infrequent conference calls. Businesses that make 3 to 4 calls a month or less may find this plan ideal. Users only pay for the amount they use, no more or less. The monthly charges for bundled services, which often go unused and wasted, are avoided.

This plan produces a billing statement that accurately tracks use patterns. These patterns can help the customer identify areas of increased business. Management can then point valuable resources in the direction of potential customers.

Toll-free Conference Calling Plan: With this option the conference call provider gives the host a 1-800 number that they pass on to participants to gain conference access.

Providing call participants with toll-free access provides a confident image to potential clients. It can help a business with low conference volumes of less than 3 to 4 calls a month establish a solid reputation.

Furthermore, the conference call provider can give the host competitive rates that are currently cheaper than the average long-distance call just a few years ago. There are no long-term commitments or contracts involved.

Volume Discount Conference Calling Plan: For businesses with a high-volume, this plan offers fixed monthly rates at significant discounts over other plans. Discount plans also feature greater access to a larger employee base through the use of personal PIN numbers. These numbers can be used to tailor access, avoiding access bottle-necks to key employees.

Not all conference calling plans fit every organization. Small to medium-sized businesses with low conference call volumes have different requirements than those of a similar sized business for which frequent conference calling is the engine of survival. For both entities, per call expenses are either too high to justify, or the bomb that can blow expenses out of control. Consulting a conference call provider is worthwhile in this situation.