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If you are having trouble setting up a conference call, our conference call help section provides you with easy-to-understand troubleshooting tips as well as a link to our customer service department. Checking the conference call help section to find out what may be preventing your conference call from starting or continuing will help our team get your call going should you need our expert assistance.

  • How is a conference call started?
  • No reservation is needed. Simply send a message to all participants about when the meeting is scheduled for. Give them the dial-in access number, and their PIN. This information will be in your welcome email when you first set up the account. When you are ready to start, call and enter in your moderator PIN, plus the pound sign. As participants dial in, they will join the conference.

  • What touch-tone commands are available?
  • By dialing specific commands during the call, several features can be accessed. The moderator and participants have different controls.

  • Moderator commands:
  • *0 - help
    *1 - call out to add an additional participant. Additional charges for this service.
    *2 - change the conference entry settings. When participants enter, a tone can sound, their name can be announced, or there can be no sound at all.
    *3 - this toggles the ability for participants to continue the call after the moderator leaves.
    *5 - starts lecture mode, which mutes everybody except the moderator.
    *6 - allows you to mute yourself
    *7 - locks the conference so that no other participants can join in.
    *8 - lists off all of the participant's names
    #8 - counts the number of participants
    *9 - records the call. Additional charges for this service.

  • Participant commands:
  • *0 - help
    *6 - self mute

  • Can pin codes be changed? How often?
  • Yes. Pin codes can be changed as many times as you want. Change them by logging into "my account", clicking on "conferences", and clicking on "change pins" next to the pin that you want to change. Once pins are changed, they cannot be returned to the previous code.

  • Can both Toll and Toll-free numbers be used during the call?
  • Yes, both numbers can be used for a single conference. Participants who you do not want to pay long distance charges don't have to, but you don't need to give the toll-free number to everybody if you choose not to.

  • Can those outside the United States and Canada join a conference call?
  • Yes. International callers can use the toll number. They will be charged by their phone company for making an international call.

  • How can additional Pins be obtained?
  • Pay-as-you-go and volume discount plans allow you to add more users to your account. Each user receives their own pin. To add users, log into "my account," click "conferences," and choose "add a new conference."

  • How can you change what is heard when people leave or enter the call?
  • The default configuration is to announce who is entering the call by name. This can be changed to a tone or no sound at all by dialing *2 during a call. To change the setting permanently, contact customer support.

  • Can participants be muted if they are loud?
  • If it is not a problem, you can ask the participant to mute themselves by pressing *6. Alternatively, the moderator can mute all other participants by pressing *5. The participants can then unmute themselves by pressing *6 if they have something to say.

  • How can calls be recorded?
  • Press *9 during the call. Press it again to stop recording.

  • How do you get in touch with support?
  • Call 888-845-2989 or send an email.

  • How do you update credit card information?
  • Log into "my account," and click "change credit card information."

  • How do you view payment information?
  • Log into "my account."

  • What is a FUSF fee?
  • The Federal Universal Services Fund is a tax from the FCC.

  • How can I cancel my account?
  • Call 888-845-2989 or send an email.

  • When I’m on a conference call, how can I have the system dial out to add attendees?
  • After you start your conference call, there are two ways you can have the system call someone to join your meeting:
    - Log in to your online account, then:
    - From the Home page select Start Now.
    - On the next page click on the flashing green phone icon to take you into the conference manager where you can see everyone who is currently on your call.
    - Click on the Invite Participant icon and choose Dial Out
    - Enter the phone number(s) of the person(s) you want to add to your conference.
    - Click on the Invite button and the system will call your participants and ask them to join your call. They will not need the Participant PIN in order to join.


    - Press *1 on your telephone’s keypad. Follow the prompts to enter the phone number of the person you want to call and bring them into your meeting.

  • How can I have the system call me to start a conference call?
  • If you want to start a conference call right away, Log in to your online account, then:
    - From the Home page select Start Now.
    - On the next page, under Step 2, you will see the option to have the system call you at the number shown. You can edit the number if needed, then click Dial.
    - They system will call you and ask you to join the conference.

    For conference calls in the future, and for recurring conference calls, you can use the Schedule feature. Log in to your online account, then:
    - From the Home Page select Schedule
    - On the next page, enter the details of your scheduled conference call
    - Select the check box next to “Have the system dial out to me at the time of the conference” and if necessary edit the phone number shown.
    - If this will be a recurring conference call, select the check box next to “Repeat” and enter the recurring details.
    - Click on the Save and Continue button. You can then either add attendees that you want to invite (via email) or click Done.
    - At the scheduled time of your conference call, the system will call you and ask you to join the call.

  • How can I set up my own custom greeting that participants hear at the start of my conference calls?
  • Log in to your online account and in the Admin menu select Greeting. You can choose to record your own greeting over the phone, upload a recording of your greeting (must be a .wav file), or have a professional voice actor record your greeting (additional costs may apply).

    Greetings recorded over the phone will be available immediately. Uploaded or professionally recorded greetings will take a day or two to become available.

    You will be assigned new dial in numbers to use with your custom greeting. Be sure to distribute your new numbers to your conference participants.