Quality Conferencing


To welcome you to our service, we present you with a list of questions our customers have asked about our services, along with detailed, yet clear and easy-to-read answers to those questions. Our new customer FAQ's will help you get the most out of our conference call services and help you understand everything we offer as a leading conference call provider.

  • What are the advantages of Executive Conferencing?
  • While we offer some of the lowest prices offered by conference call service providers, there are several other advantages. As a conference call provider, we offer some of the highest sound quality available; our service is very easy to use, and highly reliable.

  • How simple is the service?
  • Our conference call services are very straightforward and easy to understand. After signing up, we will immediately send you an email with your dial number and PIN. Immediately afterward, you can hold a conference call. Simply give your participants the number and PIN, and tell them when to call. No reservations are necessary.

  • Why is it better to have no reservation?
  • Executive Conferencing allows a conference call to be held at any time without needing to set up a reservation. The service is always available, so there is no delay necessary before setting up a conference call meeting.

  • What online capabilities are offered?
  • Your account can be accessed online. This allows you to view your invoices and payments. You can attach a credit card to the account, and update it whenever necessary. Pins can be updated for added security. If you forget your Pins, they can be emailed to you. A usage report details everything that you have used the service for.

  • Are there any fees or contracts to start the service?
  • No, no fees are incurred in setting up your account, and you can cancel the service at any time.

  • How are minutes charged?
  • There are two types of plans offered. You can choose a pay-as-you-go plan that charges you for the number of minutes you use each month, with no minimum payments necessary. Our volume discount plan allows purchasing a set number of minutes each month at a set price each month, giving you a lower overall rate.

  • How can the account be canceled?
  • It can be canceled at any time. This can be accomplished through a phone call or an email.

  • How long must you wait to start using the account?
  • Once you have set up an account with Executive Conferencing, you will receive an email with the phone number to call and the PIN. No reservation will be necessary. As soon as you receive the email, you can begin making conference calls.

  • What are Toll and Toll-free calls?
  • Executive Conferencing gives you the option of setting up a toll or toll-free conference call. The toll number will have a 916 area code. Callers will be required to pay long distance if their phone service requires it of them. Toll-Free conference calls will not charge participants for long distance, because you will be given an 800 number. It is possible to use both a toll and a toll-free number for the same conference at the same time.

  • Can an account be set up without a credit card?
  • Yes. A credit application may be necessary, however. Call us to find out if you are eligible to set up an account without a credit card.

  • What is the number for customer support?
  • Call 800-821-1559 and press 2.

  • Can conference calls be recorded?
  • Yes. Dial *9 during the call, and recording will begin. The recording can be downloaded or listened to over the phone. Refer to the User Manual for specific instructions on how to retrieve your recordings.