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In a world where business is becoming increasingly global in nature, companies have employees both within the office premises as well in different parts of the world. How can a company facilitate collaborations, discussions and team meetings between employees in different locations, in a cost-effective manner? Conference call providers can be a solution to this problem.

Executive Conferencing offers solutions that will enable companies to conduct conference calls between employees, clients, business partners, with the ease of a roundtable meeting.

Conference call providers have several basic on-call features that can be utilized or programmed for each line that is engaged in the conference call, as well as advanced features like Auto Start. Conference calling features include individual as well as group control and privacy settings. The following features allow the conference call organizer to set up levels of interaction, moderation and security.

Conference Call Features:

Mute On/Off: This feature allows a participant to be a passive listener. This can be useful to those who need to attend the conference call, but also need to occasionally discuss/talk/respond with colleagues at their location. By turning on the Mute button, the individual participant will not be heard by others in the conference call. Participants can un-mute themselves to ask questions.

Lecture Mode: This feature automatically mutes all participants in the conference call except the moderator. This one-way conference allows the moderator to deliver a lecture or talk without interruptions or input from participants. This mode is useful mainly in informational conference calls like company-wide announcements.

Entry/Exit Tones: Adding a greater level of monitoring and control, this feature allows the company or conference call organizer to enable a tone or beep to be played whenever a participant joins the conference or leaves the conference. This feature can also be customized to play the name of the participant who has joined or left.

Auto-Continuation: This feature is almost comparable to auto-pilot mode, and it allows the conference call to progress even if the moderator leaves the discussion or conference. This is useful in conferences where the moderator can be a project manager assigning task deadlines to teams, and later leaves the conference while teams continue on the conference call to set their targets based on the deadlines.

Auto-Start: Is the moderator likely to run late? Auto-start comes in handy and allows the conference call to start before the moderator joins.

Lock: Interruptions from late-comers can be avoided by enabling the “lock” feature. This allows the conference call organizer to lock the conference call once it has started, thus preventing any other attendees from joining. This also adds a level of security, ensuring that only those participants who were invited are on the conference call.

Roll Call: Want to know who is on the conference call? Set up “Roll Call” to hear the list of names of the conference call participants.

Advanced Conference Call Features:

Web-based Conference Viewer: This feature allows the organizer, using any web browser, to control the level of privileges, and see the participants in a conference call.

Call Recording: The ability to record a conference call provides back-up and corroboration of important points discussed and agreed upon. This feature allows the organizer or moderator to record the conference call, download it, or listen to it from any phone (additional charges apply).

Dial Out: More participants can be invited to join a conference even when the call is in progress. This is achieved using the “Dial Out” feature that allows the moderator to call out from within the conference call to invite another participant to join them on the call.

Optional Passcode: Conferences that are confidential in nature, like stockholder meetings, acquisition discussions or high-level negotiations, demand a higher level of conference call security. For additional security of this nature, participants can be provided with, and required to enter a passcode upon joining the conference call.

Accounting Code: In order to assign different conference call charges to different departments, the moderator can enter an accounting or billing code, which will appear on call detail reports. This allows companies to review conference call charges incurred by a particular department or group.