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Conference Calling

Executive Conferencing's Volume Discount Conference Calling


When your business depends on the ability to make a large volume of smooth and professional conference calls at a moment's notice, you need a high-volume plan from a highly professional conference call provider that is able to support your volume of calls and your need for reliability at any time of the day or night.

You also need to make sure that key employees who must be included in your conference calls are able to dial into them from wherever they might be, and you need to be able to rely on your conference call provider to keep your monthly service fees reasonable and flexible.

That is why we offer a special volume discount plan for high volume clients who make frequent conference calls every month, and it does include the ability for employees to call in using PIN codes from wherever they may be. And since our call-in number is toll-free, you will not incur any additional charges no matter where each participant calls in from.

As with all of our cost-effective plans that we offer as part of our dedication to maintaining the highest standards as a professional call service provider, we do not charge any set-up fees or require any reservations. We do not even require contracts; our service is provided on a month-to-month basis so that you can change plans should your conference calling volume change on a monthly or seasonal basis. In addition, this high-volume plan allows up to 99 participants per call, making it ideal for large organizations.

We offer calling plans for every need, because no two businesses are the same. Executive Conferencing will suggest services are best for them. A business which constantly needs to make high-quality conference calls in order to grow is very different from one which only needs to make occasional calls. As a leading conference call provider, we offer conference calling plans that suit every business, and we do not charge high per-call fees as we know that these fees are not suitable for growing businesses.

Our high-volume discount conference calling plan is but one of the variety of economical plans that we offer for our professional service which guarantees you smooth conference calling no matter how frequently or infrequently you use us as your dedicated conference call provider.